Pre-Function Space Booths

A limited number of booths are available in the corridor.

Exhibitors are responsible for extended open/close times and securing their materials/product. Overnight storage is available.

Each booth includes an 8' x 10' black-draped booth space with 8' rear wall and 3' side walls: one 6' draped table and two chairs.


$1,225 Exhibitor Space (SAVES $275)

STANDARD RATE: $1,595 Costume Companies Exhibitor Booth at the Pre-Function Space + 20 min Fashion Show to showcase their catalog twice during the event. Limited spots available. 


$975 Exhibitor Space (SAVES $275)

STANDARD RATE: $1,250 Exhibitor Booth at the Pre-Function Space  12 by 6 feet and 8 feet high.

Sponsor & VIP Vendors at “Tarantella” Square
Limited vendors and sponsors will surround the performance space where activities and open seminars will take place each day including featured performances during lunchtimes for all our attendees.

Many different levels of sponsorship and recognition are available. We look forward to working with you to find the mix that maximizes your company's exposure.

EARLY RATE: $6,225 Diamond Partner/Sponsor (SAVES $1,225)

STANDARD RATE: $7,500 Diamond Partner for Dance Companies/Dance Studios includes all of the perks below from Diamond Exhibitor plus performance opportunities throughout the entire event either during the daily open performances, during pre-shows, closing showcase, and a featured presentation on Saturday with their own 20 minutes show slot.

EARLY RATE: $2,250 Diamond Exhibitor (SAVES $850) 

STANDARD RATE: $3,000 Diamond Exhibitor Sponsor Space during the entire festival, in front of the line facing one of our largest performance spaces and daily dining experience. “Online market” advertisement on our website with a direct link to your online store before and during the event. All marketing materials including our newsletters. Video ad playing daily in rotation in our 16 by 10 video wall display during the event.