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Seminars for The DanceFest Forum

-Creating the first teacher forum-


At Nationals. A Short presentation with Geo, Jill, MSA to Dance Teachers for The DanceFest.

All teachers & studio owners attending the introduction at Nationals will get a $75 discount to The DanceFest if they RSVP by September 15.


Teacher Seminars & Classes for The DanceFest $495


-All Teacher & Studio Owner Seminars (see below)

-5-6 open classes per day

-Dance Expo

-Breakfast & lunch

-Free admission to any daytime performances and Evening competitions

+ 2 free tickets to see full-length shows. ( doesn’t include final gala performance)


1.-Buiding a successful dance studio that'll run for generations!


 Seminar with 2 big studio owners that have been in the business successfully for decades.

-How to start? How to grow?

-Bullet points of some of the most important steps to follow in order to achieve goals and create a stable business model.

-Q & A 



2.-Legends talking about dance curriculum In this particular seminar we introduce the Horton Technique (Milton Myers), demonstrator: Fernando Carrillo class demonstration.

Horton Technique and certification for teachers.

Includes introduction and 2 class levels: Beg and Interm classes


3.-Dance education and body healing. Therapy for Dancers. 


4.-Hip-Hop fundamentals & Business Owner NEW Tips with Geo HUBELA

How to continue engaging your dance families and still offering a great dance education. Includes Beg-Interm classes. 


5.-Getting ready for Competition with Jill Marie.

6.-Industry tools and advice for new young artists stepping into the Industry. Build your company dancers and get them ready for the industry- Katy Kate-MSA- Advises different types of dancers in selecting what is best for them. An inside look at the entertainment industry. 

Q & A


7.-Choreography Workshop (Intermediate) with Matt Cady or Tom Richardson. The creation process- choreography transitions, etc. class included. 


8.-Improv class and improv exercises for dancers. The art of composition uses several improv techniques while creating new pieces with Emily Greenwell or?


9.-Marketing & Social Media

  *CLASS 1. Introduction. How? What? When?

    Creating Your Budget. Showing the different types of budges for marketing.

  *CLASS 2. Intermediate level.

    Website design and basic SEO . Recommended plugging or applications to use while building your site.

  *CLASS 3 & 4. Registration software (2 classes) (introduce a vendor so they can sell their product in 2 sessions)


  *CLASS 5. Social Media 

    Introduction of Facebook & Instagram Ads. (1 class)


  *CLASS 6.

   Introduction of Google Ads (presentation and options)

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