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Our teacher's dance program would give you a new "fresh" approach to what's the most relevant in the industry today, without forgetting the dance fundamentals to build the shape of a dancer nowadays, and with the goal to help build or update your dance curriculum at your studio. 

The DanceFest's Teacher classes are all-inclusive and everyone is invited and welcome to share the incredible information the Faculty has to offer!

The program includes:

  • 5 Days with Over 32 Dance Classes & Seminars to choose from. Beg to Adv levels in all dance styles 

  • Dance & Business Seminars

  • Access to our Dance Expo 

  • FREE Daily Lunch 

  • Free admission to any daytime performances and Choreographer's Festival

  • Mimosa Teacher's & Vendor's Lounge Every Evening.

Teacher-Early Rate Pass:

$495 if registering before MAY 25th.

(After May 15th, there will be an additional $40 fee)


How to get more students, increase revenue and learn the latest business trends from professionals eager to help you succeed! The latest in marketing, social media, and management trends.


A list of some of the most relevant industry professionals will be announced very soon.

You could check the amazing teacher's & choreographer's line-up below.


More artists will be added in the coming weeks! Stay Tuned!

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  • Musical Theater & Dance  Theater Class Seminar with Anthony Raimondi

  • Hip-Hop Essentials and Curriculum with Geo Hubela 

  • DOCTORS FOR DANCERS. Dancer Injury Prevention. Dance education and body healing. Doctors & Therapy for Dancers. 

  • Mental Health for Dancers with Glenn Kelich

  • Getting Ready for Competition with Jill Marie

  • DanceTransitions. Teachers & Choreographer’s  Workshop with Ryan Ramirez

  • Mentoring the new artists' generation. What are their needs and what is the Dance Industry looking for them nowadays?                           Hosted by Kevin Frey and Matt Cady.

  • Improv class and Improv exercises for dancers. The art of composition uses several improv techniques while creating new pieces with Monika Felice Smith & Nadine Olmo

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  • Team Building. Management and Employee Issues.

  • Customer Service. A guided seminar for any business model with IMPROVING COMMUNICATIONS

  • Social Media Growth & Marketing by Juan Ortiz & Strictly Media.

          -Introduction. How? What? When?

          -Creating Your Budget. 

          -Website design and basic SEO.

          -Applications to build your site.

          -Facebook & Instagram Ads. 

          -Google Ads & Analytics 

  • Registration Software for Dance Studios. Navigating Your Business With Technology

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