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We are proud to offer such a unique amazing opportunity for young new artists, for the first time in the Dance Convention Circuit!

The "Dreamland" Performance Program

An original Dance Show with a fusion of all dance styles (contemporary, fusion styles, jazz funk, partnering, theater dance, Hip-Hop, Urban, silk work, and more!

-These fortunate young dancers would have the opportunity to learn all that involves being a part of a new dance production and  "The Creation Process".

-The Program Includes:

-Exclusive Classes for each of the different performance groups.

-Over 40 hours of rehearsal, Workshop Classes, and Performances in 5 days.

-A total of 3 Shows + Closing Gala Highlight Performances.

-A Full Lenght performance piece with over 35 minutes of amazing dance choreography, that would include segments with live original music and guest performances on a newly thematic stage built ONLY for this occasion!

-Original Lighting & Costume Design.

-An Industry Night with a red carpet and many special Guests: choreographers, directors, producers, talent & casting agencies, dance celebrities, and more!

-Q & A and Meet & Greet with Special Guests

About The Show

The Setting: Dreamland


The DreamCatchers are in a current battle to ensure all children's dreams of the world from falling into the control of the nightmare army.

The Dreamers, are the only ones with the power to help keep everyone's dreams from turning into nightmares.


Dreams are never to be stolen by the nightmare army.

The Ensemble

Exclusively only for ADE'S DREAMERS PERFORMANCE COMPANY  (Prodigy All-Star Program & Noble Prodigies)

Dancers could audition to become a Prodigy All-Star at any of the ADE CONVENTION REGIONAL TOUR STOPS.

Go to and join us in a city near you!


Detailed information including a SHOW STUDY BOOK, learning materials such as dance choreography videos, ensemble & character breakdowns, and more, would be sent out to all dancers registered in the weeks ahead.


Tentative Schedule:

Coming Soon!


More Artistis to be added Soon!


Coming Soon!

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