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Dancers would have the opportunity to be part of "The Creation Process" and learn a fully choreographed piece with ticketed performances on a newly thematic stage!


This would be in addition to exclusive classes for each of the workshops.


Intimate Setting with limited spots available per workshop!

Dancers would have the option to register for one of the workshops below, the option to add drop-in classes, or even register for 2 workshop experiences!

If you choose the NON-STOP DANCER track, you'll have the option to pick any classes, style, and level! From Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, Partnering, Improv, Fusion Styles, and more!

Each workshop will have a high-profile line-up of choreographers well known in the industry. This is a great opportunity for dancers to perform, and work with our elite faculty in a more intensive and intimate setting.

"DREAMLAND" Featured Show is an exclusive track created only for



-Dancers registered in each of the thematic workshops will get to perform in 2 ticketed performances at as part of THE VARIETY SHOW  and also at the CLOSING GALA!

-General Admission to the festival includes 2 parent's classes, FREE lunch for 5 days, access to the expo hall, admission to the choreographer’s festival, and selected daily performances.

It does not include any show tickets.

-Late Fee Applies June 15th

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